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How young are you, and how young do you want to feel? It all starts with you.
Make that decision now.

If you’ve answered to at least three questions with a sounding YES, then you belong to a lovely group of dear people called seniors, active agers, elderly, or senior citizens. Now, depending on a person to person, not everyone will experience, live and feel in the same way, but these are a few traits typical for majority.

And part of my work and passion lies just there. In helping you turn the answers you’re not happy about around, and make you feel healthier, more fulfilled, and willing to move more regularly.

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Interest in longevity?

Working with seniors?

Here's how it started...

More than 5 years ago, my Dad suffered a brain stroke, which left him with a number of health issues, including strong headaches, feelings of dizziness, but above all – his center for balance was affected. He couldn’t walk without using a wheel chair.

Knowing how active my Dad had always been, that was devastating, both for him and for me. Luckily, in the most critical moments, his spirits were high and mental state strong. After just a few months, he started walking, even jogging slowly, and was able to do majority of daily activities on his own. In that period he spent some time in rehabilitation center, he was taking medications, and followed doctor’s advice. But you know what helped him most? His regular physical activity he committed himself to.

My Dad and I made an agreement that he would walk every single day, no matter the weather conditions. Hot, freezing cold, rainy, snowy — he walked and he slowly got back on his feet (literally).

My Dad’s recovery showed me how consistent and low-impact movement could drastically help a person get and feel better. I realized that if those simple lifestyle changes could help him, they could also help other people, who were of similar age. That’s how I started researching and learning about secrets to a longer and a healthier life, discovered the Blue Zones, and got involved in working with active agers and senior population.

Every session with seniors requires a lot of patience – from both sides. Here I primarily refer to the patience a client should have toward him or herself, because the progress is typically slower and less visible to the eye, compared to younger age groups.

The biggest difference the seniors start experiencing is the feeling of getting stronger and being in a better shape overall, with more energy and desire to do daily life activities. They start to acquire a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Depending on their individual effort, regularity and progress, after a certain time, they are able to stand up from a chair unassisted and with ease, kneel down to and get up from the floor safely, lift and carry a nice big but heavy juicy watermelon or bag of groceries from the market, open a jar of pickles without a chronical wrist pain, climb up and down the stairs without holding the handrail, etc.

More than anything, they start displaying a new-born will for leading a more active and fulfilled life. They become mentally stronger and more resilient. Their energy and motivation levels rise, which affects the overall quality of their personal, social, and, for some, professional life, too.

Client Success Stories

I’m pleased and happy when I have trainings with Nena. I’m looking forward to them, and I enjoy them. Nena has a good sense of humor, which makes it easy. She knows what’s good and bad for me and my body while exercising.

I feel my mind is good and more relaxed when I exercise.

I feel I’m definitely more active and willing to do things on my own. While before I used to sit on my sofa and get assistance for almost everything, now I like to do things on my own. I get up for a glass of water myself. I have daily walks. I even started jogging, which seemed almost impossible before. My balance is improving, as well. I’m much more stable when I climb stairs. I am using a handrail less and less. My energy levels are better.

I enjoy training with Nena, and I miss it when she’s on vacation.

I’m happy when I see her coming around the corner. I know my day will be nice.


Afdhal Albaz

74 years old

When I started having sessions with Nena, I was afraid I couldn’t go on, but her gradual way of introducing the exercises, in a certain sequence and with the plan she would explain each time, removed those fears.

I feel my fitness level is better, my energy level is higher. I also feel more optimistic about myself. I love how Nena takes time to explain every exercise, and also comprehends the reasons when I fail in some.

I’m now convinced that life is better when one exercises, and Nena is quite an expert and is very organized.

Nena has a beautiful vision of life, humans, and the meaning of the sources of the beauty and happiness in life. I am very happy to be her student, and I am sure I learned many good things, not only about sport.

I would like to add my thanks to her and wish that we continue to work together.

Waiss Al Bahar

75 years old

I was fortunate to seek Nena’s help at the unfortunate time of Covid lockdown, when the sport centres were closed down. 

At the gym I thought I was doing quite well, in the group classes, but when I started exercises with Nena, I soon realized that I was not performing the moves correctly, and sometimes caused myself discomfort. At this stage of my life, I suffer from various health, muscular and joint issues, and with Nena’s variety of tailor-made exercises, I can with all honesty say – I gradually felt the benefits, and felt tons better, and very soon I did not need the hand, knee and heel support which I always wore.

Nena is experienced and highly skilled in the field, and she provided a holistic approach to my specific needs, and I wish to continue with her as much as possible.

I always look forward to exercising with her, which truly leaves me happy and energized.

Thank you, God and thank you, Nena.

Salwa Al Saeedi

75 years old

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