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Welcome to Happy Healthy Nena!

Hi, I’m Nena

I’m a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach who is dedicated to helping you become the healthiest and the happiest version of yourself.

Over 10 years ago, when I professionally started working as a coach, I worked with high-achievers, business women of the age 30 to 40, who were often busy mums, too. Soon after, my clients became people of different generations and genders, including seniors. What connects all of them is their desire to live an optimal life at all levels, taking care of their mind, body and soul.

Working in a team with my clients, I focus on creating healthy habits for life, not short-term results. My wish is to improve my clients’ wellbeing, together with their physical and mental health.

With my extensive experience in teaching and dancing, combined with my passion for traveling the world and working with numerous cultures, I offer a variety of health & fitness coaching programs. They include Zumba, resistance training, bodyweight exercises, yoga, breathing techniques, fit box, nutrition workshops, and holistic health coaching. My sessions can be in person or virtual, individual, group and corporate.

In the past few years I became more interested in the topic of longevity and the Blue Zones, unique places on the Planet where people live over 100 years. I’m constantly learning and exploring the secrets to living a longer, happier and a healthier life, which, as I believe, can help me, my clients, and especially the elderly I work with.

I’m a teacher, coach, storyteller, a passionate world traveler…based in Dubai. But I’ve left pieces of my heart in oh, so many corners of the world…

I’d like you to enjoy my story as I enjoyed writing it. I give you all my love, and all my energy while you go through these lines with me.

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How It All Started

Born and raised in a tiny country in Europe devastated by wars, affected by economic sanctions, lack of money, food and, well – any resources – I was a little curious blue-eyed girl with nothing but a pocket full of dreams. A girl who, more than anything, wanted to defy the odds and prove to herself and the world that, no matter what, she was made to achieve great things in life.

I believed with all my heart I was born to win and that limitations only existed in my mind. I envisioned and smiled at my bright future.

Recognizing how movement was giving me the feeling of joy and happiness in abundance, I started dancing at the age of six and never stopped since – in different forms. As a member of two big semi-professional dancing groups, I danced my heart out on numerous big and small stages around the world, and at more than a few dance and cultural festivals. And yes – did I mention – I organized some, too.

The love for movement turned me to training a variety of sports from swimming, volleyball, taekwondo, Zumba, bodyweight exercises, Muay Thai to yoga, all of which I love to combine when I work with my clients.

Dancing and movement, in general, could always put a smile on my face, which is why I’ll never stop moving. And that brings me to my next point.

Why I Do What I Do - What's My Story

I believe there’re way too many people doing the jobs they don’t like, being at places they don’t want to be. I was there, too. Deeply unhappy and unfulfilled.

I was a flight attendant – a smiley, shiny, professional, doll-like from the outside. But from inside? Mamma mia, that job gave me itches – at all the wrong places.

Traveling for work turned out to be a lot different from traveling for holiday. And soon enough I discovered it was taking a serious toll on my health.

A life that from aside looked amazing and glorious, quickly transformed into an irregular pattern of sleep, food habits, social life. I had it all, or so it seemed. The truth was – I was fatigued to the bone, chronically sick, mentally drained, in emotional dead end, with my overall health going downhill each month. I was desperate. I sure liked traveling, but I didn’t like my job, nor did I like my own reflection in the mirror anymore. I was losing my smile. I was losing myself. Happy Healthy Nena wasn’t a name that belonged to me anymore. 

And then one hot November day, driving on a highway, out of nowhere.

A loud BANG.

Squealing tires on repeat.

Spinning around in circles in an unknown direction. Trying to hold onto the wheel and have any control over it. Scared to death – not to end up hitting the wall waiting for me on the other side of the road.

A split of a second. It was all it took. Even less.

Picture of a car in my rear mirror approaching me at a speed that would move three sleeping elephants together, easily. Except this was my car and me inside.

On that autumn afternoon on a busy road in Dubai I was driving and running late to my second job – fitness coaching. The irony was that I had just left the therapy with the psychiatrist where we concluded it was high time for me to leave my flying career. Exhausted from the night flight and accumulated lack of sleep, my reactions were surprisingly sharp. My survival instincts kicked in when needed.

Did I just save my own life?

Yes. Thank you, Universe, God, angels.


A sign. A blessing in disguise. A warning. A reminder. To STOP.

So I did. I dedicated myself to myself, to my physical, emotional and mental health. I enrolled in intensive courses over the following year and devoted all of my free time to learning and bettering myself. I wanted to help myself. I wanted to help my family. I wanted to help other people who maybe felt like me.

That’s why what I do gets me all fired up, just talking about it. That’s why it gives me goose bumps. Because I see the importance and the value of life and health with different eyes.

When you’re that close to losing it, it becomes the most precious gift you ever want to have. So you keep it tight.

Montreal, Canada
Sunset in Dakar, Senegal
Jaipur, India

How Traveling Around the World Changed Me Forever

Having an insatiable hunger and curiosity to explore life to its fullest, travel the world and being eager to use the knowledge of the languages I’d learned up until then, I left the career of a language teacher & translator and embarked on a new extraordinary journey of a flight attendant. I said bye bye to my home with a suitcase full of hopes, visions, beliefs for my future. And for more than a decade, circling the Globe in my vagabond shoes, that same suitcase has been my best friend. I traveled the world far and beyond my wildest imagination, opening my mind and feeling the richness of the life experiences difficult to describe in words.

Traveling never leaves you the same. It changes you to the core of your being. Not only do you discover other remarkable and less remarkable places, people, cultures, foods, nature, animals, but it brings you back to yourself. The more you travel, the more you get to learn the real you.

From Seattle to Tokyo, from Bali to Puerto Rico, from Capetown to Oslo, from Edinburugh to Auckland, the world indeed fitted the palm of my hand. Just right. And that’s a treasure I’ll never let go off, as long as I live. It’s huge part of me, and I’m here to inspire you to pack your suitcases and go, too!

As a result, I’m a co-author of a book Call Me Skybabe™: The Unfiltered, Laugh-Out-Loud, Empowering Guide to Finding Your Way to Health, Love, and Joy While Flying.

Why I Care About Planet, Animals, the Environment

Planet Earth is home to all of us. And we have only one.

When the nature, my teacher, speaks, I try to listen and observe.

I learn, evolve, protect and try to educate others on the sustainability and preserving environment through my own examples. I may not be perfect, but I’m giving my best shot.

We all have a role to play. No action is a small action. We just need to decide to take it. Do you agree?

Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Bwindi National Park

are you ready

to turn your life FROM ORDINARY

to Extraordinary?

Client Success Stories

Every single Monday of the week I consider a special day. It gives me a great positive energy when I realize that we have 2 hours of fun because of the classes with Nena.

Such a positive and energetic and fitness coach. Her classes always make me feel really good. Sometimes I go to the gym tired and lethargic after work, but I leave with a feeling of positivity and good sensation in my body.

So, I would like to thank you for your hard work with us, Nena.

You are an inspiration & motivation.
Be always shiny, as you already are.

Dr. Alaa Shihab

Dubai, UAE

Group Fitness, High Intensity Interval Training & Zumba Fitness

Nena is a genuine and professional health & fitness coach. You feel like you know her for a long time. She gives her full attention and focus during the training time.
She professionally teams up with her trainee to achieve progress and the maximum results possible.

Nena does not only elevate your physical fitness level, but also supports you, encourages your moral and challenges you to achieve a new YOU.

My sessions with Nena are the best investment I’ve made for myself!

Mozn Hamed

Dubai, UAE

Fitness Coaching Sessions 1:1

I wish I lived in Dubai to train with Nena on a regular basis! My partner and I trained with Nena 2:1 while visiting Dubai for an extended stay. Nena was able to balance both of our needs in a single session – ensuring we were both challenged while paying special attention to form.
I especially loved how Nena kept each session fresh and different.

We did weight training, HIIT, yoga, and danced latino dances. It’s rare to find a trainer who is an expert in so many modalities. With other trainers, I find that workouts quickly get repetitive, but with Nena our workouts were varied to engage our minds and bodies in new ways.

Michael & Ava Henein

New York, USA

Couple Fitness Coaching Sessions 2:1

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